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Mike Goodrum

Michael W. Goodrum’s service in municipal government has spanned for more than 20 years. As a student attending Texas A&M University, Goodrum began his career in public service as an intern for State and Federal agencies. He then interned with the City of Sugar Land, TX. That internship solidified his decision to begin a career of serving people on the local level – in municipal government. Once Goodrum completed his B.S. in Political Science in 2001, he joined the City of Sugar Land full-time. During his career with the City, he served as the Parks Development Coordinator, Parks Administrator, Administrative Manager, Management Assistant II, Community & Environmental Manager, Community & Environmental Director, Director of Public Works, Executive Director and eventually – Assistant City Manager.

Based on his progressive background in city management, employment leadership and outstanding citizen satisfaction, Goodrum was selected to serve as the City Manager by the City of Coral Springs Commission in 2017. Once accepting the position, Goodrum’s greatest priority is to ensure strong financial management. Meeting the needs of businesses and attracting new companies is also a top priority for Goodrum, this and the development of Downtown Coral Springs will have a direct impact on the financial health of the City long-term. With more than 1,000 employees at the City of Coral Springs, Goodrum also recognizes the importance of professional development for personnel and implemented online programs to enhance educational growth and opportunities. Internally, Goodrum recognizes City employees offer exceptional, innovative ideas and in 2019, created an Innovative Showcase, which funds and implements their ideas, which benefit the organization and the citizens of Coral Springs.

Relocating to Coral Springs with his wife, Jessica, a teacher at Westchester Elementary School, and their three children: Mikaela, Makenna and Bryce, was a bold move for the family – they are the first in their family to relocate outside of the State of Texas. However, the family recognized that like Sugar Land, Coral Springs is a family-focused, diverse community and quickly adjusted to their new hometown.

Since becoming City Manager, Goodrum says, “I knew the police and fire departments in Coral Springs were exceptional, but I really believe they are nationally elite. The hiring, training, and employee development prepares our public safety personnel to excel when its needed most.” He was also pleased with the City’s expansive parks – and is often at one of them attending his children’s sporting events. Goodrum recognized early on that City employees really care about the community they serve, acknowledging, “Coral Springs staff are top notch, they consistently provide superior service to our residents, and that is something I am very proud of.”

As a parent, Goodrum is especially impressed with the City of Coral Springs Charter School, where two of his children are enrolled. Of the school and its future, he believes that it is truly a premier educational institution and with hundreds of residents on the waiting list to attend, it is important that the City create a safe, long-term solution to meet the strong demand of families wanting to enroll their children.

Goodrum has been a member of the International City/County Management Association for 13 years and is a current member of the Florida City and County Management Association. In 2016, Goodrum was awarded the Mentoring Award from the Texas City Management Association, where he also served as a Regional President. A firm believer in leadership development, Goodrum is a graduate of the Public Executive Institute, LBJ School of Public Affairs and holds a Certificate in Negotiation Mastery from HBX I Harvard Business School.


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Mike Goodrum

Mike Goodrum
City Manager


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