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Exciting News!!

You are now able to schedule your available inspections for permits applied for after May 15, 2017 via telephone (IVR) by dialing 954-345-2132. Please have your permit number and inspection number available (found on your invoice).

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In accordance with Section 5-2 of the City Code of Ordinance, a Building Permit Submittal Fee (Deposit) will be required at the time of application. Read More...

FLORIDA BUILDING CODE 110.13 & Section 1-8.1 (d)(33} of the City Code

During times designated by the National Weather Service as a Hurricane Watch, all furniture, display racks, material and similar loose objects in exposed outdoor locations shall be securely fastened to rigid construction or stored in buildings.

All materials on top of any structure under construction shall be permanently installed. Read More...

The Building Services Division provides customer friendly plan review, issuance of building permits, performance of field inspections, and issuance of certificates of occupancy to ensure conformance of construction in the City with governing building codes. Through these services, the City maintains high standards of building integrity and preserves neighborhood aesthetics, as well as property values.

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