Building Permit Submittal Fee Deposit

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Sec. 5-2. - Deposit required with building permit application.

A deposit of one hundred dollars ($100.00) per single-family residential unit and two hundred dollars ($200.00) for all other building permits shall be required to be paid at the time application for building permits is made. Each deposit so made shall be nonrefundable with the monies being retained by the City of Coral Springs in the event a building permit is not issued to offset the administrative costs incurred in processing said application. If, however, a building permit is issued pursuant to said application then the monies so deposited shall be credited to the building permit cost at the time of issuance. Applications made for building permits shall be held by the city for a period of sixty (60) calendar days and if, at the expiration of this time period, a building permit has not been issued pursuant to said application then said application shall be voided by the city and the deposit monies credited to administrative expense.

(Ord. No. 74-132, § 1, 6-18-74; Ord. No. 94-100, § 2, 2-15-94)

Commercial Applications:
Tenant Improvements, Additions, Alterations Value over $25,000 - $200.00 Submittal Fee

Residential Applications:
Alterations or Additions Value over 12,500 - $100.00 Submittal Fee