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CALL the Customer Care
Call Center at 954-344-1025

Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

You may also schedule inspections (for permits applied for after May 15, 2017) via telephone (IVR) by calling 954-345-2132. Please have your permit number and inspection number available (found on your invoice). 

  • To schedule, an inspection press 1
  • To cancel or reschedule, press 2
  • To obtain inspection results,press 3
  • To speak to staff, press 0
 For your convenience to address inquiries regarding the following:
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Records/Microfilm
  • Change of Contractor
  • Permit Status
  • Invoicing
  • Revisions
  • Expired Permits
  • Online Permits

Building Department 954-344-1025
Chief Building Official Alex Hernandez   954-344-1050
Assistant Building Official John Heller   954-344-1061
Executive Assistant Dina Morato   954-344-1050
Building Services Coordinator Natasha Strong   954-344-1156

Building Services / Permitting
Building Services Administrator Cybil Davillier-Barbanes   954-344-1038
Lead Permit Service Representative Janice Darrow   954-344-1098
Senior Permit Service Representative Mary Reinert   954-344-1049
Permit Service Representative Anthony "Nate" Taft   954-344-1031
Permit Service Representative (Records Custodian)
Karen Mullings   954-344-5950

Assistant Building Official/Chief Structural Inspector John Heller   954-344-1061
Structural Plans Examiner Robert Rice   954-344-1057
Structural Plans Examiner/Inspector Glen Osborn   954-344-1047
Structural Plans Examiner/Inspector Lawrence Janssen   954-344-1023
Structural Plans Examiner/Inspector Carlos Restrepo   954-344-1194
Structural Inspector Ron Dawkins   954-346-1721
Structural Inspector Rolle Joseph   954-344-1030
Structural Inspector Pamela Mendoza   954-346-1726

Chief Electrical Inspector (Interim) Michael Egezeino   954-344-1048
Electrical Plans Examiner/Inspector Christopher Sollecito   954-344-1054
Electrical Plans Examiner/Inspector Michael Egezeino   954-344-1048
Electrical Inspector Jerry McCartin   954-344-1118
Electrical Plans Examiner/Inspector (PT) Angelo Sperlongo   954-344-2370

Chief Mechanical Inspector Frederick Stoeger   954-344-1189
Mechanical Plans Examiner/Inspector Simo Mansor   954-344-1168

Chief Plumbing Inspector Timothy Fallon   954-344-1052
Plumbing Plans Examiner/Inspector (PT) William Pendegar   954-344-1153

City Engineer Najla Zerrouki   954-345-2188
Civil Engineer Chad Maraj   954-344-3463
Civil Engineer Ricardo Cocconcelli   954-345-2196
Engineering Inspector Larry Yucht   954-345-2165