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Create an Online Permit (eTRAKiT) Account for Contractors

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Creating a Contractor Account:

Go to eTrakit (our online page) by either going to the link or locating the "eTrakit" link on our website (

Once there, you have to make sure that you select "Contractor" and not "Public" to log in. You will not be able to pay fees, schedule inspections, or view the majority of your permit info if you are logged in as a "public" user.

Login Create Account on eTrakit for Contractor

Once you have selected your company's name, type in your password that you created. If you do not have a password please click on the, Forgot Password Forgot Password, link and an email will be sent to the email we have on your account. Follow the instructions to create a password. After you have created your password, it will take you to your "Dashboard" . This is the page where you will be able to apply for permits, pay fees, etc.

Check the Status of a Permit:

To check the status, go to your Dashboard and look at "My Active Permits"

"Received" means that your permit is being reviewed, but has not been approved yet.

Once your permit is in "Approved" status, you will be able to pay fees.

Pay Fees:

Click on the amount in the "Fees Due" column. Notice that when it's ready to be paid, it becomes a hyperlink.

If you have multiple permits that are approved, it will show all of them when you click on one of the fees. You can then uncheck any of the ones you do not wish to pay for at that time or pay for all of them.

Click "Proceed To Checkout" and then "Proceed To Payment". Enter your credit card information -- We only take Visa and MasterCard. Once credit card info is put in, click "Process Payment".

For permits applied for online: Once we see that the payment has been made, WE will change the status to "issued". This is when you can start the work that has been permitted.

To look at your review notes at any time during the review process, just click onto the permit number in "My Active Permits" on your Dashboard.

Go to the "Review'' tab, then click on "More Info" to see the notes. It will tell you who the reviewer was, the date it was entered, the status, and all of the notes.

Schedule Inspections:

You can go to "My Active Inspections" on your Dashboard to schedule inspections. Just click on "Schedule". Once there, you can add your contact information (if not already there) and any notes for the inspector. You can also request the date of the inspection. eTRAKiT allows you the option of scheduling in advance.

Review the information, then click submit at the bottom of the page. (Clicking "Reset'' will clear all of the info from the fields.)

You can also cancel inspections from this area as well.

*Any time an inspection is disapproved or given a partial approval, it automatically populates another inspection. You will be able to schedule it again using the notes above. If there is a re-inspection fee, you must pay it before it will allow you to reschedule.

*Our system will also not allow you to schedule an inspection if there are ANY fees due (ex. Revision fee, re- inspection fees, miscellaneous fee, etc.)

To Check the Status of an Inspection:

Go to your Dashboard and click on the permit number in "My Active Permits".

Once there, click on the "Inspections" tab.

Find the inspection that you would like to check on. Click on "More Info" to read the notes that the inspector entered.