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Code Compliance Offers Lien Reductions

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The City works closely with property owners on residential and business properties to reflect the community’s standards.

Property owners resolve the majority of Code violations voluntarily. The remaining 25% are brought before a Special Magistrate and are given some additional time to correct the problem before daily fines are imposed.

The City may place a lien on property for costs incurred by the hearing and City staff, as well as daily fines that not paid for in a timely manner.

If you have a lien on your property, but all of your violations have been corrected, a lien cost reduction may be applied if you meet certain criteria. If your property is not in full compliance and there is a pending lien on the property, the owner and prospective purchaser may apply for a stipulated agreement, where fines are reduced and the new owner is given a reasonable amount of time to correct the violations.

Applications for these options are $300 and can be found at: Request for Barred Lien Review / Reduction of Fine / Stipulated Agreement or at the Code Compliance Office, located at City Hall.

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