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Landlord Registration

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In an effort ensure that residential rental property maintained at the City’s strict standards, the City Commission adopted Ordinance 2011-122 and Ordinance 2012-115 establishing the Landlord Registration Program.

The program requires all persons who lease or offer for lease any residential unit or residential property to register these properties with the City's Code Compliance division.

Single family/townhouse units are required to also complete the property checklist certifying that the condition of the property meets the minimum housing threshold stated in Land Development Code Chapter 11.

The rental property database can be utilized to contact property owners or designated agent in case of safety violations or in case of an emergency.

Based on the Cost of Service Study, an annual fee of $56 was determined to be needed to allow the City to recover the costs associated with this program. Note: The $56 registration fee is per parcel – not per rental unit.

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