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City TV has a potential viewer ship of more than 22,000 of Blue Stream subscribers in its limits. CityTV is not just limited to Coral Springs. You can watch CityTV online any time, either by choosing video on demand or streaming it live.

CityTV is on channels:

  • 25: Standard Definition
  • 25.7: High Definition - Digital Tuners
  • 725: High Definition - Blue Stream Box

You may also watch CityTV on AT&T U-Verse on Channel 99.

City TV administration, a division of the City Managers Office, includes:


The City's General Fund supports City TV operations. Capital equipment purchases and replacement funds are provided through an annual grant from Blue Stream. City TV may solicit and accept grants or in-kind services for production of particular types of programming. To view our mission and policies, click here.

Types of Programming:

Commission Meetings and Rebroadcast Meetings

City Commission meetings are the first(9 a.m.) and third Wednesday(6:30 p.m.) of every month. For those who are unable to attend the meeting, they air live on CityTV Channel 25, 25.7 or 725 on Blue Stream and on Channel 99 on U-Verse. For replays, check our TV Schedule for exact dates and times.The meetings are also available on video on demand and live streaming for your convenience. 

Community Bulletin Board

View the video bulletin board, which shares information about public events, employment opportunities, codes and other public service announcements. The Bulletin Board airs randomly. Messages may be submitted by any City department, nonprofit organization or other community group and must meet all channel programming policies, objectives and regulations.
To submit a request, please email us at

Events Shows

Some Special Events in the City of Coral Springs are videotaped and aired on City TV. Watch a variety of exciting, entertaining and educational events.

In-House TV Shows

Unique programs created by CityTV staff for residents of Coral Springs. Original TV shows are written, directed and produced by City staff and designed for citizens regarding informative issues of importance. Original TV shows are broadcast several times to accommodate the viewing habits of our residents.

Outsourced TV Shows

Free, reputable, third party-produced programs created from sources around the nation air at convenient times for viewers. Outsourced TV shows cover an assortment of topics, including research and development, educational and environmental programming.