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Mission & Goals

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Mission & Goals

The mission of The City of Coral Springs CityTV is to make local government more accessible to the citizens of Coral Springs. By providing a direct link between local government and the cable network, CityTV will promote citizen access and exposure to local government and further government accountability.

In order to meet this mission, CityTV will broadcast the following prioritized programs and services:

  1. Coral Springs City Commission Meetings, which air on the first and third Tuesday and repeat daily following each meeting of each month. Unless a date changes.
  2. Programs on special events and those that impact the Coral Springs community.
  3. Video bulletin board information regarding important community events sponsored by government or non-profit groups, including employment opportunities, upcoming events, codes, other city information.
  4. Watch CityTV on Blue Stream on Channel 25, 25.7 & 725.
  5. Watch CityTV on AT&T U-Verse on Channel 99 for residents who don't subscribe to Blue Stream.
  6. Stream CityTV on the Internet on a 24-hour basis.
  7. Create a library of City programming for historical purposes.
  8. Provide video production and audio/visual services to City departments.
  9. Produce programs for In-house and out-source departments which touches on our mission statement, core values and strategic priorities

Programming Policies and Restrictions:

Programming must meet all Cable Franchise Agreements, F.C.C. Regulations, as well as applicable Federal, State and Local laws.
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• Information or advertising concerning illegal lottery is prohibited.

• Programming must be noncommercial.

• Any program containing advertisements on behalf of a political candidate is prohibited. This does not preclude the production by CityTV of programming on such issues if all sides of the issue are presented, debated or discussed by the proponents/opponents.

• During election season, CityTV will not feature elected officials campaigning for election or re-election on any CityTV production other than televised public meetings. The election season is defined as the beginning of the "campaign" (qualification) period for the City Commission runs from the first Tuesday in January of election years and concludes with the election. In future years, the "campaign" period will commence in early September (1st Tuesday) and conclude on the second Tuesday in November.

• Any material that constitutes libel, slander, or pornography, or the use of obscene and indecent content, which might violate local, state, or federal laws, is strictly prohibited.

• Programming which advocates a particular religious belief or beliefs is restricted.

• External entities can promote their event on City TV if the event is not-for-profit and the City of Coral Springs is a sponsor.

Use of CITY TV production equipment shall be restricted to government access activities and only to designated City employees, volunteers, and/or interns under the supervision of the Communications & Marketing employees.