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 The City of Coral Springs Skype user name is: coral.springs

 If you encounter any issues, please contact Matt @ 954-346-1724

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Some tips for a good Skype Connection:

Avoid having a bright light source (like from a window) behind you. That will only darken your face. 

Look presentable - it is highly likely that the the other person will only be able to see your head and shoulders on the camera. However, don't neglect your bottom half. You never know when you may be required to get something from the other side of the room – so save yourself the embarrassment of revealing your Scooby Doo boxers.

Avoid wearing patterns and the color white. You want your correspondent focusing on your eyes (and yes, your smile) not your shirt.

Make eye contact by looking at the camera while you are responding to or asking a question. When the other party is talking, it's fine to look at his image on the screen.

Arrange the computer's webcam high enough so that it is eye-level with you. Some laptops naturally require the user to look down at the camera, not a flattering angle unless the inside of your nose is particularly attractive (the other party will be looking up your nose).

Set up the camera with a plain background behind you. Everything behind you will be visible on screen.

Sitting flush with a plain white wall will make you look like you're in a police lineup, so angle your knees to the corner of your computer screen, and then turn your head slightly back to look at the camera.

Sit tall in your chair, but not too close to the camera: the first three buttons of your shirt should be visible, or else you risk looking like a floating head

Smile - a neutral expression often comes off as glum (or even worse, vacant) onscreen.

Keep the noise down - the microphone picks up more background noise than you might think.

Five minutes before the video interview is not a good time to realise that your Internet is down, or Skype isn't working. Allow plenty of time before to test all equipment.