If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms please call the BROWARD CORONAVIRUS CALL CENTER HOTLINE: 954-357-9500.  

After the Storm

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After the storm has passed, residents are asked to follow these guidelines in preparing their garbage and debris for collection. These guidelines apply to all cities and unincorporated areas:
  • Place household municipal waste (garbage) in your garbage can or cart at the curb or swale on your next regularly scheduled day.
  • Keep waste separated: regular garbage separate from vegetative waste; and non-vegetative hurricane debris, such as broken fences and patio furniture, separate from garbage and vegetative waste. These items will be collected separately, with regular garbage being picked up first.
  • Do not place debris items in your garbage can or cart.
In the event that volunteer assistance is needed after the storm, we will need volunteers to fill out the following form. You may fill it out now and return via email to When assistance is needed, we will notify the community via this page or our website. Otherwise, please remain safe and secure at home.