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Hurricane Watch Requirements

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FLORIDA BUILDING CODE 110.13 & Section 1-8.1 (d)(33} of the City Code

Hurricane Watch Symbol;' pictured a red box with a black box in centerDuring times designated by the National Weather Service as a Hurricane Watch, all furniture, display racks, material and similar loose objects in exposed outdoor locations shall be securely fastened to rigid construction or stored in buildings.

All materials on top of any structure under construction shall be permanently installed. In the event such installation cannot be timely completed, then the property owner or contractor shall:

  • Band together the construction materials and fasten them to the top of the structure.
  • Remove the construction materials from the top of the structure and fasten down to the ground.
  • Remove the construction materials from the job site; or
  • Store the construction materials inside an enclosed structure.

The Coral Springs Building & Code Compliance Divisions will be monitoring all construction sites.

Section 1-8.1 (d) (33) of the City Code provides a civil penalty of $500.00 for violations.

Download PDF: Hurricane Watch Requirements