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Pet Emergency Preparedness Checklist

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Be Prepared Before the Hurricane Season

  • Make sure that your pets are current on all vaccinations and registered with Broward County. Proof of vaccinations is a requirement at most boarding kennels as well as Broward County’s pet friendly shelter. Pet Prepare

  • Have a collar and tag with up to date contact information.

  • Consider microchipping your pet.

  • If you live in an evacuation zone, pre-plan your evacuation:
    • If you plan on either boarding your pets or evacuating to a pet friendly hotel/motel, make reservations early as space will fill up quickly.

    • There is only one pet friendly shelter in in Broward County—it is only open to individuals living in evacuation zones and/or all mobile home parks in Broward County and requires pre-registration.

  • Prepare an emergency kit for your pets.
    • Pet crate or carrier (should be large enough for each pet to stand comfortably)
    • Current photograph of your pet
    • Copies of all pet medical records
    • Pet first aid kit
    • Water and food bowls
    • Toys
    • Litter pan or disposable tray
    • Blankets/towels
    • Pet beds or pillows
    • Extra leases and collars

    • Prepare a two-week supply of:
      • Food and water (moist or canned food if water is limited)
      • Newspapers, puppy training pads, cat litter, plastic bags, and cleaning supplies for pet sanitation
      • Pet medications if needed

Make a Plan

Consider your options. If it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pet. Remain informed on the nature of the emergency and decide whether you should stay put or evacuate. Understand what both staying and evacuating mean for you and your pets and have a plan for both.