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Storm Shutter Ordinance

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For your safety and that of our first-responders, homeowners who shuttered their windows and doors must remove storm shutters within 14-days from when a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Watch/Warning is lifted. For guidelines on storm-shutter regulations, click here.

Sec. 7-202. - Storm shutter regulations.
(1) Storm shutters placed on structures certified for occupancy. Protection from windborne debris is
encouraged for all structures certified for occupancy in the city. Storm shutters, or hurricane
protection devices, shall be designed and installed in conformance with the building code in effect at
the time such hurricane protection was permitted by the development services department.

(2) Storm shutter placement. Consistent with the provisions regarding storm shutters as set forth in the
Florida Building Code, Broward County Edition, as amended from time to time, it is prohibited to
maintain hurricane protective devices which impede egress, light, and/or ventilation in a
closed/secured position on occupied buildings after a designated hurricane watch or warning has
terminated; and further it is hereby prohibited to maintain any hurricane protective devices, in a
closed/secured position for periods in excess of fourteen (14) consecutive days unless:

(a) Two (2) paths of egress from the building remain unobstructed; or

(b) A hurricane or tropical storm watch occurs during the fourteen-day period, at which point the
fourteen-day period begins anew the day after hurricane or tropical storm conditions have
subsided; or

(c) Hurricane or tropical storm watch conditions are predicted to occur within forty-eight (48) hours
after the fourteenth day; or

(d) The structure is used for residential purposes, but no person is in residence, except that (a)
and (b), above, shall still apply during periods when a person is in residence. During the period
June 1st to November 30th of each calendar year, if no person is in the residence, notice of the
dates the building will be vacant shall be provided to the fire chief or his designee on forms
provided by the fire department. The information required on the forms shall include but not be
limited to the following: name of resident(s), address of residence, type of shutters, emergency
contact number(s), and dates that residence will be vacant.

(3) Except during the period from June 1st to November 30th of each calendar year, hurricane
protective devices are not permitted to be in a closed/secured position, unless there is a hurricane or
tropical storm watch outside of the designated hurricane season.

(4) Penalties. Any person, firm, corporation or agent who violates any provisions of this section may,
upon conviction, be punished by a fine not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) per violation.

(Ord. No. 2005-119, § 2, 10-18-05)