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Pool Safety Tips

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Drowning is the number one cause of death for pediatric aged children.

  • Maintain constant supervision. Watch children around any body of water (pool, stream, lake, tub, toilet, bucket of water), no matter what skills your child has acquired and regardless of how shallow the water. For younger children, practice "Reach Supervision" by staying within an arm's length reach.

  • Don't rely on flotation devices and inflatable toys. These cannot replace parental supervision. Such devices could suddenly shift position, lose air or slip out from underneath, leaving the child in a dangerous situation.

  • Enroll children in a water safety course or Learn-to-Swim classes. Providing your child with an early aquatic experience is a gift that will have infinite rewards.

  • Parents should take a CPR course.

  • Install pool safety barriers separating the pool from home and all access doors and entrances.

  • Install high locks and/or alarms on all access doors to the pool.

  • Install a floating pool alarm.