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  • MYTH: I’m being double taxed to pay for the Coral Springs Charter School.
  • Are landlords supposed to give tenants their deposit back once they move out?
  • Are there toxins in our canals that are killing the fish?
  • As a resident, can the City provide me with a list of the registered foreclosed homes in our City?
  • Can I post yard sale signs throughout the City?
  • City turns to postcards for water bills
  • Does the City run the sports leagues? Who do I contact for more information?
  • How many pets is an owner allowed to have in the City?
  • I heard the City Commission approved a new mandate regarding backflow prevention, does that apply to me?
  • I lost a pet here in the City. What should I do?
  • Is there a designated area where a commercial vehicle or boat can be parked?
  • Large golden silk spiders have been spotted around town. Are they venomous?
  • My friends and I are often kicked out park fields because we need a permit. How can we find out field availability, and how do we go about getting a permit?
  • MYTH: No other cable providers are allowed to serve residents in our City.
  • MYTH: The City Commission can put a halt to proposed development projects.
  • MYTH: The City is spending my tax dollars for art in public places.
  • MYTH: The City is wasting money on employee award and recognition programs.
  • What are the rules regarding removal of animal waste?
  • What is the Coral Springs Police Department doing about prescription drug abuse?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining pools and properties at homes that are either vacated or foreclosed?
  • Why is Blue Stream the only cable provider allowed in the City?
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