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Director of Information Services

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Stephen Dyer

Stephen Dyer joined the City of Coral Springs in 2013 as a Database Analyst. Prior to his promotion to Director of Information Technology Systems in February 2019, he served as a Network Engineer, Infrastructure Manager and Assistant Director.

A long-time public servant, Dyer joined Broward County’s Water and Waste Water Services in 1990 as a Maintenance Worker. He was continuously promoted, becoming a Mechanic and Utilities Mechanic. In 1992, when other personnel within the division were less enthusiastic to learn the computer system, Dyer began to educate himself about the technology side of operations at the water plant. In 1999, Dyer became a Microsoft Certified Security Engineer and transferred to Broward County’s Water and Waste Water Information Technology Division as a Help Desk Coordinator. After a series of promotions he became a Systems Network Analyst, supervising a team of desktop support staff and overseeing server administration.

Recognizing the City of Coral Springs had great opportunity for growth and offered educational advancement, Dyer made the transition from county to municipal government. After joining the City, he attended Barry University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

Dyer feels the City has done a fantastic job in hiring the some of the finest employees in South Florida, especially in our Public Safety Departments. He also appreciates the support received from Human Resources, who affords him the opportunity to hire and retain the “right people” for his technology team. When asked about his lengthy career in the public sector, Dyer says, “Private industry is all about profits and making money for the shareholders. In the public sector you get to serve the people, not the shareholders. That is why I selected this career path.”

An avid salt-water fisherman, Dyer, enjoys spending time on his boat or reading a good book. Although technology is his field, you will not find him reading on a tablet, Dyer still enjoys reading books cover to cover in print. He has been married to Noreen for 22 years and they have one teenage son.

As for Dyer’s goals as Director of I.T., he would like to modernize the core business applications and improve the ability for customers to do more business with the City online. Perhaps his most lofty goal is to begin building the infrastructure for the City of Coral Springs to one day have wireless connectivity covering all 24-square miles.

Stephen Dyer IT Director

Stephen Dyer
Director of
Information Services




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