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Open Play Fields

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At the request of the City Commission, the City of Coral Springs' Parks and Recreation Department is allowing one playing field to be designated for open-play at both Mullins and North Community parks during regular evening hours. An open play field will be open as long as there are fields available. However, there is no guarantee that an open play field will be available every night. Each of the respective fields will be open for residents and guests to participate in pick-up style activities, with the remaining playing fields designated for organized team sports.

Open play Rules Include:

  • Pick-up play only
  • No team practices
  • No organized games
  • No goals, including cones, cans, etc.
  • Limit of one hour if others are waiting to play
  • Groups of 10 or less with permits have priority over open play

Anyone requesting additional information is asked to call Parks and Recreation Department at 954-345-2200.
For park hours, please click here.