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Open Field Policy

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Policy for Open Play:

  • One Field at Mullins Park (Normally MacElderry Field) and one Field at North Community Park(Normally Field #3) will remain available for Open Play if they are not permitted for use by City recognized sports groups.
  • Lights will remain on until 11 pm if there are people on the fields. 
  • All other Fields will require a permit for lights.
  • Groups of 22 or more participant, private businesses, organized groups and non-residents must pay the hourly rental rates for use of fields.
  • Residents can permit the fields, fee's or no fee's will be determined based on the activity the field is being used for.
  • You can call the Parks and Recreation Office at (954)345-2200 anytime during the week (7 days) from 8 am to 9 pm to request field availability and receive a permit.

Open Play is not allowed on a field that is already permitted out by another group or organization.