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Sports League

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Programs for All the Seasons

The Parks and Recreation Department is proud to present a comprehensive sports program. Our unique mix of City management and community involvement is successful in delivering quality sports programs. Come join in the fun with the largest youth sports organization in the area while participating in your favorite sports throughout the year.

Along with your neighbors and friends, enter into the exciting team sports of basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, football, cheerleading and roller hockey. Learn the fundamentals of each sport in an atmosphere that promotes recreational athletics and social growth.

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Warning Statement

Although participation is supervised, athletics may be one of the least hazardous activities in which any youth will engage, by its nature, participation in athletics includes a risk of injury that may range from minor to severe to long-term or catastrophic. Although serious injuries are not common in organized athletic programs, it is impossible to eliminate this risk. Both parents and participants can and have the responsibility to help reduce the chance of injury. Players must obey all safety rules, report all physical problems to their coaches, follow a proper conditioning program, and inspect their own equipment daily. Parents must recognize that the programs are designed to enhance the growth and development of their children, place the conditions in perspective, and remember that the athletes' fun and safety are paramount. By registering, you are acknowledging you have read this warning. Those who do not wish to accept the risks described in this warning should not register or participate.



Sports leagues are operated by volunteer groups and the City of Coral Springs simply provides the facilities for their use.

**All information contained in this booklet is subject to change. Including but not limited to fees, hours, contact information, etc.