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Humane Unit

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Feeding Wildlife/Stray Feral CatsStrayFeralCats

  • Sec. 4-20. - Feeding of wildlife.
    1. It shall be unlawful for any person to feed or otherwise entice or encourage to feed any raccoon, fox, opossum, duck, or any other wild animal. Wild animals shall also be interpreted as stray/feral cats.

    2. No foodstuffs may be deposited on the ground which may encourage two (2) or more animals to congregate, nest, or develop a feeding habit or routine. However, wild bird feeders displayed on private property are permitted.
      (Ord. No. 98-130, § 2, 11-17-98)
Violation Of This City Ordinance 4-20 (A-B) May Result In Citations Being Issued:
  • 1st Offense = $50.00

  • 2nd Offense = $100.00

  • 3rd Offense = $200.00

  • 4th Offense = Requires Mandatory Court Appearance