Crime Victims Compensation

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Crimes Compensation Program

The Victims Compensation Program provides financial assistance to innocent victims (and their survivors) of violent crimes that occur in Florida. You may be eligible for compensation for lost wages, disability, loss of support, medical/dental treatment, funeral/burial expenses, mental health treatment, property loss (for elderly or disabled persons), and relocation costs (for victims of domestic violence).

Who Qualifies?

In order to receive financial assistance from the Bureau of Victim Compensation, claimants must meet eligibility requirements. The basis for these requirements is found in Chapter 960, Florida Statutes or Rule chapter 2A-2, Florida Administrative Code.

The Coral Springs Victim/Family Advocates can be contacted directly at the phone numbers and email addresses listed below:

Diane Linarte
Master of Science
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Victim/Family Advocate
Telephone: 954-340-5019
Fax: 954-346-4433

Yvonne Y. Berrios
Bachelor of Science
Victim/Family Advocate
Telephone: 954-340-5018
Fax: 954-346-4433