Domestic Violence

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No one, not even someone you live with, has the right to beat you or threaten you with violence.

If this is happening to you, YOU CAN TAKE ACTION. Knowing your legal rights and other options in the first step toward ending the abuse.

There is a Law to Protect You

If you are being physically or sexually abused or threatened by a family or household member, or you fear such abuse, you are a victim of a domestic situation. The law protects you if you are being abused or threatened by your spouse, former spouse, or another family or household member who IS or WAS living in the same household as you. The law protects you from abuse by a person with whom you have a child in common. You need not be married to the abuser or related to be protected under the law.

What is Abuse?

Does your partner:

  • Hit, slap, shove, choke or kick you or your children?
  • Threaten or hurt you with a weapon?
  • Throw objects at or restrain you?
  • Abandon you or lock you out?
  • Hurt you when you're sick or pregnant
  • Force you to have sex against your will?

Does your partner do things that shame, ridicule or insult you like saying:

  • You're stupid, fat, ugly, etc?
  • You can't do anything right?
  • You'll never get a job?
  • You're an unfit parent?
  • You don't deserve anything, who'd want you?

Does your partner:

  • Threaten to hurt your child or pet?
  • Forbid you to work?
  • Control all the money and force you to account for what you spend?
  • Humiliate you in front of others?
  • Accuse you of having affairs?
  • Keep you from family or friends?
  • Confuse you with promises and/or lies?
  • Take your keys, damage your car?
  • Take or destroy personal property or sentimental items?

If you could answer yes to all or some of these questions you need to get help. THERE IS HELP.


The Coral Springs Victim/Family Advocates can be contacted directly at the phone numbers and email addresses listed below:

Diane Linarte
Master of Science
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Victim/Family Advocate
Telephone: 954-340-5019
Fax: 954-346-4433

Yvonne Y. Berrios
Bachelor of Science
Victim/Family Advocate
Telephone: 954-340-5018
Fax: 954-346-4433