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Be safe: ‘Slam the Door’ on scammers

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The men and women of the Coral Springs Police Department want you to be safe. Never open your door to strangers, regardless of their story.

So if an unexpected person knocks at your door, what should you do?

  • Without opening the door, ask them to identify him or herself.
  • If a person is requesting help, let them know you will call the non-emergency police number to request assistance for them.
  • Keep the door locked.
  • If the person claims to represent a utility service, call the company he or she claims to represent.
  • Try to look out the window or peephole to obtain a description of the person who is knocking.
  • Soliciting in the Coral Springs is strictly prohibited without a permit. That permit must be prominently displayed. If someone comes to your door to solicit, with the exception of those speaking about religion, please call police.

    As always, we want you to “Make a Call, Make a Difference” by reporting suspicious activity – call the Police Department non-emergency line at 954-344-1800.