Suspicious Activities

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  • Person(s) concealing, attempting to conceal, or carrying something suspicious.

  • Persons or vehicle stays in the same location for an unusually long period of time.
    • Could be "casing" a home or business.
    • Criminal looking for a possible victim.
    • Waiting to participate in or initiate a drug transaction.
    • Person could be sick and may need assistance.

  • Person acts strangely.
    • May be under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
    • May be sick or injured.
    • May be mentally ill.

  • Vehicle frequently "cruising" a block or specific location.
    • Might be a "get-away" car for a crime in progress.
    • Criminal(s) waiting for a specific or appropriate time to commit a crime.
    • Sex deviant/pervert looking for a target (victim).

  • Car parked with engine running.
    • A code violation in most states.
    • May be a "get-away" car.

  • Person(s) looking into cars and moving from car to car.
    • Possible looking to burglarize a car.
    • May be attempting to steal a car.

  • Car being driven at night with no lights on.
    • Car is being stolen and the thief is attempting to avoid detection.
    • Car is leaving the scene of a crime and the criminal is attempting to conceal his tag, vehicle description and his identity.

  • Person running at night or running for no apparent reason; is not suitably dressed for jogging.
    • May be attempting to leave the scene of a crime.
    • Intended victim of a crime trying to escape.
    • Person seeking emergency help.

  • Person(s) selling or conducting business out of his vehicle.
    • May be selling merchandise without a license/permit.
    • Might be selling stolen merchandise.
    • Could be selling drugs.

  • Person climbing into or out of a window.
    • May be a burglary in progress.

  • Vehicle being driven in a reckless manner.
    • Driver may be under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
    • Driver may be attempting to transport someone to a hospital.
    • Driver may be leaving the scene of a crime or fleeing from police.

  • Suspicious Sounds - If you hear anything that sounds like someone is being beaten, immediately call the police.
    • Prying, pounding or breaking glass - (burglary in progress?)
    • Screaming/yelling for help - (is someone in trouble?)
    • Alarm going off - (could be fire, burglar, or car alarm?)
    • Loud music - (is it being used to cover up screams for help as in domestic violence, or to cover up a crime in progress?)
    • Gun shots - (murder?)

Calling in the Report to Police