Enhanced Call Verification - ECV

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To all Alarm Companies providing central monitoring of intrusion/burglary alarm systems within the City of Coral Springs:

On July 1, 2006, the State of Florida became the first in the country to activate a statewide law requiring Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) to help reduce the number of false alarm dispatches for police departments. Section 489.529 of the 2006 Florida Statutes now reflects this change and by rule, references the CSAA/ANSI standard (CS-V-01) describing detail procedures for alarm dispatch including ECV.

Simply, if there is no response as a result of the first verification call, a second verification call must be made, preferably to a cell phone or a work phone. Both calls must take place prior to dispatching the police.

The City of Coral Springs is dedicated to false alarm reduction, reducing unnecessary fines for our citizens and consequently providing more protection to our community. Reportedly, testing of ECV during this past year has proven to re duce false alarms by more then 40%. During the past five years and working closely with all alarm companies serving our community, the City of Coral Springs has reduced false alarms by 53%.

We believe that Enhanced Call Verification will significantly decrease false alarms and we would like to ask that all alarm companies voluntarily comply with this newly enacted State Law.

We wish to thank you once again for your total cooperation during this implementation period.

We have enclosed some additional information for your reference. Feel free to contact 954-346-1341 if you have any questions.