Information for Security Alarm Users

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With the proliferation of alarm systems in use in Coral Springs, residents and business owners should know how to properly operate and maintain their systems, and should familiarize themselves with the City of Coral Springs municipal ordinance that governs alarm systems.

These efforts will reduce the unnecessary response by emergency personnel to false alarms, which in turn will save the user money in avoiding fines associated with false alarm response orfor operating unregistered alarm systems.

Prior to placing an alarm system in use, residents and business owners must register the system with the Coral Springs Police Department. The initial registration fee is $25.00 and users must update their records annually; however, subsequent renewal fees are waived if the user does not have any false alarms during the previous calendar year.

If police respond to an alarm request at a location that has an unregistered alarm system over 30 days, the user will be assessed a fine of $50.00 per response, in addition to other fines and/or fees, until the alarm system is registered.

Additionally, alarm systems with six or more false alarms, systems with expired registrations, and users with past due alarm fees may be placed on “limited response.” When an alarm system is placed on limited response, the police department will respond only to those alarms that verify emergencies by a person on-site, such as a crime in progress, panic button activation, or a silent alarm. 

Prior to being reinstated to normal response status, the user must pay a $250.00 reinstatement fee and submit proof by an alarm system contractor that any problems with the alarm system have been corrected.

Additionally, persons who are having a new alarm system installed at their home or at their business are reminded to make sure the contractor installing the system has acquired the proper permits from the City of Coral Springs Building Division prior to installation.