Why are false alarms a problem?

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  • False alarms from home security systems are problematic in Coral Springs, costing the City over $300,000 per year. Among the provisions of the alarm policy, that went into effect January 1, 2000, are false alarm fines and an option to attend the city’s Alarm Awareness Class for the 3rd false alarm fine, attendance will waive the $50 false alarm fine. The fines are $100 for the fourth false alarm incident and $200 for the fifth and subsequent false alarm incidents within one year.

  • To reduce the possibility of false alarms, learn how to correctly operate and maintain your home security system. 



  • False Alarms take police and firefighters away from real emergencies.

  • False Alarms can lead neighbors to ignore your alarm when it goes off.

  • False Alarms make your security system less reliable and credible.

  • False Alarms can cost you money! The City of Coral Springs assesses fines for excessive false alarms