Bike Unit

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The Coral Springs Bicycle Unit is a full-time police bicycle unit. The Unit consists of five officers and one sergeant. The Unit's primary focus is to address quality of life issues throughout the City and as an effective tool for community policing.

Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, bicycle patrol in City parks, business areas, and residential areas. The primary focus of the Unit is to increase security in City Parks and address quality of life issues through proactive enforcement.

The Unit also focuses on bicycle safety programs and bicycle registrations. The officers usually ride 15 to 20 miles per day and use their issued police mountain bicycle as their primary form of transportation.

The Bicycle Unit bridges the gap between vehicle patrol and foot patrol. Riding bicycles not only allows the Unit to reach out to the community, but also allows the officers to reach places officers in vehicles could not.

Bicycle Unit: Sergeant Bruce Kozlowski
Phone: 954-346-1273

316.2065 Bicycle Regulations

  • 316.2065 (1) Human powered vehicles have all rights and duties applicable to any other vehicle, except as noted

  • 316.2065 (2) Bicycles must have a permanent and regular seat

  • 316.2065 (3)(a) Not Carry more persons than designed or equipped

  • 316.2065 (3)(d) Rider or passenger under 16 must wear helmet

  • 316.2065 (7) Use between sunset and sunrise shall be equipped with white lamp on front and red reflector and lamp on rear, additional lighting permitted

  • 316.2065(9) Rider on a sidewalk or crosswalk must observe the duties applicable to a pedestrian

  • 316.304 Wearing of headsets
    No wearing a headset, headphone, or other listening device, other than a hearing aid or a headset in conjunction with a cellular telephone that only provides sound through one ear and allows surrounding sounds to be heard

Bicycle Safety Tips

ABC's of Bike Riding:

A – Air in the tires
B – Breaks are in good working order
C – Chain in functioning and in good working order

No matter what age, we always recommend wearing a helmet.