Fiscal Management

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The Fiscal Management Unit reports directly to the Administrative Division Deputy Chief of Police. The Unit's main functions are: annual budget development, purchasing, forfeiture expenditures, and grant administration.

The Unit consists of three members: Fiscal & Procurement Coordinator (who is the supervisor of the Unit), and two Purchasing Assistants.

The Fiscal & Procurement Coordinator is responsible for: annual budget development, supervision of internal expenditures and related controls, liaison with city fiscal officers, special law enforcement accounts, and grant administration.

The Purchasing Assistants are responsible for:

preparing delegated purchase requests,
order tracking,
distribution of orders,
check requests,
travel arrangements,
inventory of items issued to department members and cell phones.


The Fiscal & Procurement Coordinator: Judy Kelley
Phone: 954-346-1378
Purchasing Assistant: Connie Aguilar
Phone: 954-346-1317
Purchasing Assistant: Robin Brunetto
Phone: 954-346-1203