Strategic Enforcement Team (S.E.T)

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The Coral Springs Police Department’s Strategic Enforcement Team (S.E.T.) is under the direction of the Special Operations Component and consists of eight members and one supervisor.

The primary responsibility of S.E.T. is the prevention and suppression of emerging crime trends within the city. This is accomplished by gathering intelligence, developing operational plans and employing diverse enforcement techniques. Members of S.E.T. constantly evaluate city-wide crime trends, adjusting and focusing manpower and resources in order to effectively disrupt and suppress criminal activity.

S.E.T. detectives serve arrest warrants and locate fugitives while working closely with the other units within our department as well as with other agencies throughout the tri-county area. Members of S.E.T. work closely with all operational units within the police department, providing tactical support for a multitude of operations. S.E.T. detectives are also responsible for monitoring members of criminal street gangs who maybe residing in or frequent the City of Coral Springs.

S.E.T Unit: Sergeant Robert Harty
Phone: 954-346-1756