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FAQ Regarding the Hiring Process

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  • Are new hires permitted to negotiate their base wage upon offer of employment?
  • Are you currently accepting applications for Law Enforcement Officer and Law Enforcement Trainees?
  • Can you mail me a paper application?
  • Do Coral Springs Officers have Union representation?
  • Do I have to attend the Police Academy again?
  • Do you accept lateral transfers?
  • Do you offer any flexibility on your minimum education requirement?
  • Does the Coral Springs Police Department have a Tattoo or Body Piercing Policy?
  • How can I speak with a recruiter?
  • How do I become a Law Enforcement Officer or Law Enforcement Trainee with the City of Coral Springs Police Department?
  • How long will I work as a Law Enforcement Trainee before I become a Law Enforcement Officer?
  • How long will it take be hired?
  • How many trips will I have to make to Coral Springs in order to secure employment with your agency?
  • How soon will I hear from you after submitting my application?
  • I am a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer outside of the State of Florida. How do I become a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Florida?
  • I need Agency sponsorship so that I can attend the Police Academy. I don’t even need to be paid. Will you sponsor me?
  • I would like to enter the Law Enforcement Trainee program but I am not sure that I want to become a Law Enforcement Officer.
  • If I am selected for employment, what is the next step?
  • My Law Enforcement Certification has expired, can I apply as a Law Enforcement Officer with your agency?
  • What are the CJBAT, Swim and Physical Agility Tests?
  • What are your minimum education and experience requirements for Law Enforcement Officer and law Enforcement Trainee?
  • What happens after I submit the online application?
  • What is the difference between a Law Enforcement Trainee and a Law Enforcement Officer?
  • What is your mailing address?
  • What scores does your agency require on the CJBAT, Swim and Physical Agility?
  • What type of Benefits and Pension package do you offer?
  • Where can I take the CJBAT, Swim and Physical Agility tests?
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