Off-Duty Details

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The hiring and scheduling of off-duty Detail Officers is coordinated by the Police Human Resources Unit.

Certain events within the Coral Springs Community require the hiring of an off-duty Detail Officer for permit approval. Additionally, as a private citizen you may request to hire an off-duty Detail Officer for your business or personal event within the City. The costs associated with hiring a Detail Officer are outlined within the Off-Duty Detail Permit below.

Off-Duty Detail Permit

All requests and payment for Detail Officers should be made at least 30-45 days in advance of your business need/event. Requests made inside of 30-days may not be accommodated. Additionally, as Officers are not required to work off-duty detail assignments there is a small chance that your event may not receive coverage. Should that occur, you will be notified by the Detail Coordinator at least 3 days prior to the event. Payment must be made via cash, check or money order, in full prior to the department posting your off-duty Detail Officer request for selection by our officers.

To learn more about hiring the services of a Detail Officer and what events held within the City of Coral Springs requires, please contact:

HR Support Specialist
Amy Backer