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Wildlife Guide

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Trapping and removing a opossum or raccoon from your yard will only temporarily solve your "nuisance wildlife" problems with very little natural habitat left to live in, another opossum or raccoon will move into fill the niche you've made for it.  The new animal, many times, is even more of a nuisance than the previous one.

The Fish & Game Commission, as a matter of policy, will no longer permit wildlife relocation as a solution to non-alligator nuisance wildlife conflicts in Martin, Palm Beach, Dade, Monroe, and Broward Counties.  So, animals that are picked up must be destroyed in a humane fashion.

Relocating wildlife animals into woods or the "wilds" is not in the best interest of the animal. By dumping it into another animal's territory, it has to fight and compete with the resident animal for a limited food supply and nesting area. In almost all cases, it is the newcomer who loses, many dying from infection from bite wounds and others getting killed by cars in an attempt to return to their original territory.

Many people report seeing an abundance of animals at certain times of the year and wild animals coming out in the daylight.  People think this behavior is unusual and suspect that the animal has rabies when, in fact, it's because the animals are having young and become much more active during both the day and the night as they search for food. After the babies leave their nests or dens, this activity levels off to 'normal' routines.

During the spring and summer months, many opossums and raccoons have their young in attics or roofs of people's homes.  We suggest that the homeowner be patient and allow the mother and babies to leave on their own when the young are old enough. The homeowner should be prepared to board up and seal areas where the wildlife may have entered when the animals leave.

Never attempt to hand feed or tame a wild animal. Wildlife that has no fear of people never survive for very long.