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If you live on, or near the water in South Florida, your nearest neighbor just may be a muscovy duck. Though not indigenous, they have been living here longer than most people. Because of their large size and consequently large droppings, many people have resorted to violence to rid their property of ducks.

Shootings, poisonings, beatings and drowning of ducks are everyday occurrences. Many people don't realize that muscovies, just like all animals, are protected by state anti-cruelty laws. There have been numerous duck cruelty cases that have wound up in court.

The Wildlife Care Center has a more humane approach to the people vs. duck "problem". Collect all the eggs from any muscovy duck nest you find. If everyone would search their property on a regular basis and dispose of eggs, the number of ducks would be reduced.

Perhaps people would be more tolerant to a scaled-down population. Many people think it cruel to remove duck eggs from the nest, but it is certainly more humane to remove an unformed egg from a nest than to allow the brutality that happens after they hatch.


  1. Look for nests close to buildings, near the water, or under thick bushes.

  2. When you find a nest, count the number of eggs. Repeat this for a few days until the count remains the same for 3 days. This is to assure that she has finished laying all her eggs. If you remove them before she is finished she may move to a new location.

  3. Chill the eggs (below 50) for several hours and then dispose of them in the garbage. Please do not throw them into the water, as botulism can form from them, killing anything that feeds on them.