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Lock it or Lose It

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Lock It or Lose It

The Coral Springs Police remind you to LOCK IT OR LOSE IT!

Did you know that 43% of all crime that takes place in the City of Coral Springs is vehicle burglaries?
Criminals often target cars that have personal items left in plain view or vehicles left unlocked.

Here are a few easy steps that will help prevent you from becoming a victim of vehicle burglary:

  • ALWAYS lock your car door, this includes when it’s parked in front of your home.

  • If you are at a park or gym during late night hours, park in a well- lit area.

  • NEVER leave items of value, such as your purse, wallet, briefcase or cell phone in plain view. Secure your valuables inside the trunk before arriving at the destination or bring them with you.

  • Make A Call, Make a Difference - Image of cell phone with words and phone number 954-344-1800
  • When dropping or picking up children from school or daycare, do not leave your car running and never leave items of value inside your car. Unscrupulous criminals target these areas to steal from busy parents coming and going.

If you see suspicious activity, please call Coral Springs Police Dispatch at 954-344-1800, or dial 911 in case of an emergency.