If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms please call the BROWARD CORONAVIRUS CALL CENTER HOTLINE: 954-357-9500.  

Make a Call, Make a Difference Program

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Make A Call, Make a Difference - Image of cell phone with words and phone number 954-344-1800“The Coral Springs Police remind residents they are not a bother, we want them to call our non-emergency number when they see suspicious activity. By making a call, they can prevent crime and make a difference in our community.” Police Chief Clyde Parry said.

With your help, we can continue to keep Coral Springs a safe community.

Make A Call, Make A Difference: 954-344-1800

Tips: Download A Tip Sheet Print/Cut Out

  • Always keep your doors locked, and if you have an alarm, use it

  • Trim landscaping around windows and doors so that bushes and hedges cannot conceal criminals

  • Install outside motion sensor lights to illuminate the driveway and front of residence

  • Close your garage door even when working in the backyard

  • Complete an inventory of all valuables to include:
    • make
    • model
    • serial number
    • description
    • cost

  • Photograph your property

  • If an unfamiliar or suspicious vehicle travels through your area or is parked in your neighbor’s driveway, call 911

  • Establish a neighborhood watch group

  • Call for a free security survey at 934-344-1835

  • How to request a “Vacation Watch” while you are out of town
    • Call non-Emergency line at 954-344-1800, or
    • Complete this form and deliver it to the Patrol Unit at the Public Safety Building prior to your departure.
    • To qualify for the vacation watch program, your home must be vacant for a minimum of five days and a 30-day maximum time frame.