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Neighborhood Watch

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In the City of Coral Springs, we do not "watch" crime, we report it!  This is why we have implemented the Make a Call, Make a Difference crime prevention campaign.  

Awarded the crime prevention program of the year by the Florida Crime Prevention Association in 2012, the Make a Call, Make a Difference campaign is an inclusive Community Watch Campaign of the Coral Springs Police Department directed towards maintaining the city’s standing as a safe place to live and work by increasing residential awareness. 

For example, during the first year of the program the response from the community was substantial with increases in the calls for service for suspicious vehicles (57%), suspicious person calls (49%), and suspicious incidents (33%).  The increased awareness on behalf of the community has resulted in a 22% increase in arrests for burglary and related theft! 

As the success of the Make a Call, Make a Difference campaign indicates, it is through the collaborative efforts of both the police department and the residents we serve that crime can be reduced.  Please remain alert and report all suspicious activities in the city to 954-344-1800 (non-emergency) and 911 (emergency).

How can you get involved?

If you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch group or just wish to remain updated on the most current crime prevention techniques, or seek to contact one of our officers for more information, please visit our community involvement unit.

Why should city residents get involved and aren't we duplicating services already being provided by the CSPD?

  • There are only a limited number of officers available to patrol the community. Other officers are assigned to administration, community and school resources, criminal investigations, family crisis intervention, ID unit, personnel/training, record tactical, traffic, and vice, intelligence and narcotics (VIN).

  • Field services (road patrol) officers, in addition to patrolling the community, are involved in report writing, traffic enforcement, mandatory training, court appearances, investigations and administrative duties.

  • Patrol officers also assist the Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and respond to other 9-1-1 calls.

  • Neighborhood Watchers provide extra eyes and ears for the CSPD

How does Neighborhood Watch work?

  • You observe a suspicious person, vehicle, activity or crime in the community.

  • You immediately report what you saw to the police.

  • The police respond to your call and take appropriate action.

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