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Open & Empty Program

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A review of crime statistics reveals that the majority of all business burglaries occur with the intent of removing the cash from registers. At retail establishments, the most common method of forced entry is to smash out the front glass door or front window(s).

With this common method of entry in mind, the Coral Springs Police Department has implemented a voluntary program called, “Open and Empty.” This program consists of business owners or managers ensuring the following efforts are being made to help deter a burglary to their property:

  • At the close of business each day, ensure that all cash registers are emptied of currency and financial institution checks and removed from the business.

  • The empty register drawers are then placed in plain-view where it can clearly be seen from the front door or windows.

  • The Coral Springs Police Department is providing all businesses participating in this program with an “Open and Empty” decal. The decal should be installed in the front of the business indicating that the establishment participates in the program and no cash is left on the premises.

In addition to the program, here are some additional crime prevention tips for your business:

  • Install a security alarm system that includes glass break detectors and invest in a video surveillance system with a high pixel- count and set all video data retention for at least 72 hours.

  • Make sure all landscaping is routinely trimmed so there are clear views of all exterior doors and windows to your property.

  • All exterior doors should have at least 2 locking mechanisms.

If you are interested in participating in the Open and Empty program and wish to receive a free door sticker, please completed the below listed form and return e-mail it to:

Download Program Enrollment Form