Holiday Trash and Home Burglaries

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Prevent Holiday Home Burglaries Trash Collection Point Announcement


The City of Coral Springs Police Department reminds residents that unscrupulous criminals often drive around neighborhoods during and after the holidays looking for evidence of recently purchased gift items such as televisions, gaming systems, computers, etc.

In an effort to prevent burglars from "casing" your home this holiday season, the City of Coral Springs will place a dumpster to collect "high end" holiday trash in the parking lot located between the City Gymnasium and Public Safety Building (2600 and 2800 Coral Springs Drive). You can discard your trash starting December 21 to December 31 (holiday gift trash only).

To prevent burglaries, police also remind you to:

  • If you are traveling for the holidays (for more than 5 days and less than 30); sign up for the Vacation Watch Program by calling our non-emergency number, (954) 344-1800, 24-hours prior to your departure.

  • If burglars can tell that someone is home, there is a greater chance they will not attempt to break in. Create and illusion that someone is home (car in the driveway, lights on, blinds open).

  • Keep your shrubs and trees trimmed, especially near windows and doors. Well-manicured homes provide natural surveillance.

  • Get to know your neighbors and always call our non-emergency number, (954) 344-1800, if you see something or someone suspicious (an unfamiliar car, or door-to-door solicitors).

If you see suspicious activity, please call Coral Springs Police Dispatch at 954-344-1800, or dial 911 in case of an emergency.