On Wednesday, Sample Road west of University Drive and east of NW 110th Avenue, and Coral Springs Drive north of NW 29th Street and south of NW 37th Street, will be closed on the night of the Holiday Parade from 5 p.m. until approximately 10 p.m.

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Obey Traffic Laws

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The Coral Springs Police strictly enforce traffic laws within the city. We remind all motorists to adhere to traffic laws, especially in and around school zones. Our Traffic Unit would like to provide a list of the most common traffic/pedestrian infractions they experience in school zones.


Pedestrian Disobey Signal
F.S.S. 316.130(1)
Disobey Traffic Control Device
(disobey signs)
F.S.S. 316.074(1)
$165 + 3points

Pedestrian Leaving a Place of
(walking into a vehicles
path while not in crosswalk)
F.S.S. 316.130(8)
Improper Turn
(from wrong lane)
F.S.S. 316.151(1a) or (1b)
$165 + 3points

Parking Where Signs Prohibit

F.S.S. 316.1945(1c2) or (1a10)
Improper Lane Change
(cutting into car line)
F.S.S. 316.085(2)
165 + 3points

Loading or Unloading Passengers
in Roadway

F.S.S. 316.1945 (1a12)
Speeding School Zone
F.S.S. 316.1895(1a10)
From $155-605 Depending on
speed + 3points

Seat Belt Violation
F.S.S. 316.614

Child Restraint Violation
F.S.S. 316.613(1a) or (1a2)
$165 + 3points