Firearms Training Facility

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Range Rules and Regulations

The following safety regulations are designed to ensure the safety of all personnel, regardless of rank, on this Department and any other department, while using the Firearms Training Facility. These rules shall be posted in a conspicuous location and shall be strictly enforced. The Range Master is responsible for the safe operation of the facility and may take actions necessary to safeguard persons using the facility, protect facility property, or to ensure public safety. Failure to obey any of these regulations may result in disciplinary action and/or being ordered to leave the Firearms Training Facility by the Range Master or a designated Firearms Instructor in the absence of the Range Master. The Range Master shall take immediate action to address rules violations and, at his discretion, report these violations to the Training Unit Supervisor who will inform the Chief of Police.

These rules apply to Coral Springs Police Department personnel, and any person
using the Firearms Training Facility for any reason.

  1. All personnel are required to notify either the Range Master, the Training unit Supervisor or designee prior to using the Firearms Training Facility.

  2. Parking areas are provided at the range. Vehicles will park in marked parking places only. This will not apply to vehicles being used for maintenance, special training, delivery, or other reasons at the discretion of the Range Master.

  3. The Range Master’s Office is an access restricted space. No personnel shall enter the Range Master's Office without the express permission of the Range Master, the Training Unit Supervisor, or designee.

  4. Only personnel who have been given specific authorization shall enter the ammunition storage area or weapons storage area. Weapons or ammunition will not be removed from the storage areas without the knowledge and authorization of the Range Master or Training Unit Supervisor.

  5. Any firearm carried outside of a holster at the Firearms Training Facility, not on the firing line, shall be unloaded with the action, bolt, or cylinder open, depending on the specific firearm.

  6. The handling of loaded firearms is restricted to the actual firearms ranges. Loaded firearms will not be handled in any other area of the range facility.

  7. Loading and unloading of weapons will only take place at one of the covered rifle or pistol ranges on the firing line facing the bullet trap and only after checking to see that no person is down range. No other area is to be used for loading or unloading.

  8. Discharging of firearms shall be in the direction of the bullet trap only. No shots will be fired in the direction of any wall, ceiling, or floor.

  9. When on the firing line, upholstered firearms shall be pointed in a safe direction at all times.

  10. All firearms at the Firearms Training Facility are subject to a safety inspection by the Range Master or designee at any time. Defective firearms shall not be used until repaired.

  11. Only approved ammunition will be used at the Firearms Training Facility. All ammunition is subject to an inspection by the Range Master or designee at any time. The use of armor piercing or incendiary ammunition is prohibited.

  12. Eye and ear protection are required to be worn at all times by all persons while on the range when any person is actively engaged in shooting a firearm.

  13. A hat will be worn by all individuals while on the firing line. The minimum hat required is a baseball style hat with a minimum 3-inch brim. The brim shall be worn over the eyes. The wearing of a hat with a brim that completely encircles the crown is encouraged, as the full brim will provide increased protection.

  14. Any person experiencing a firearm or ammunition malfunction must keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction while correcting the problem. The Range Master or Firearms Instructor shall be notified if the situation cannot be corrected. The Range Master or designated Firearms Instructor shall intervene if an unsafe condition arises.

  15. During qualification or firearms training, firing will only be done on command from the Range Master or designated Firearms Instructor.

  16. When on the range, cell phones, radios, or any other device, must be placed in silent mode or turned off.

  17. Firearms will not be left unattended, except in designated areas. Weapons and ammunition are prohibited beyond fence into the Sims training area.

  18. With the exception of police K-9’s, no pets or animals are permitted at the Firearms Training Facility unless authorized by the Range Master or Training Unit Supervisor.

  19. Smoking, chewing tobacco and the use of snuff or any other similar products are prohibited at the range facility. Food and beverages may be consumed only in designated areas at the range facility.

  20. No alcoholic beverages are permitted at the Firearms Training Facility during operating hours. Persons impaired to any degree by alcohol or any other substance will not handle, or fire any firearm. The Range Master or any Firearms Instructor will take the firearm(s) from any suspected impaired person and secure it. The incident will be immediately reported to the Training Unit Supervisor.

  21. Persons believed, by the Range Officer or a Firearms Instructor, to be ill or mentally distracted to the point of being a safety concern or a disruption to training will be ordered to leave the facility.

  22. Any person ordered to leave the facility by the Range Master, Training Unit Supervisor, or designated Firearms Instructor, shall leave immediately.

  23. If a person refuses to leave immediately, the Range Master, Training Unit Supervisor, or designee, will contact the CSPD dispatch and request that two road patrol officers come to the Firearms Training Facility.

  24. Upon arrival of the road patrol officers, the Range Master, or Training Unit Supervisor, or Firearms Instructor, will again advise the involved person to leave the facility. The patrol officers will take necessary actions to resolve the situation.

Persons not abiding by all the above rules will leave the Firearms Training Facility
upon request of the Range Officer, Training Unit Supervisor, or designated Firearm's Instructor.