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Public Art Program

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Mission Statement

The City of Coral Springs recognizes that public art creates a unique sense of place and distinction, enjoyment and pride for all citizens and visitors to our community. The goal of the Public Art Program is to create a stimulating environment that reflects are enhances the City's heritage, diversity and character through public artworks integrated in the architecture, infrastructure and landscape.

The Public Art Committee is the advisory board on matters pertaining to City's Public Art Program. The Arts Committee was appointed in November 2003. The Public Art Committee prepares the program guidelines, creates the public art plans, researches all public artworks for the City of Coral Springs and reviews and approves public artworks on private properties.

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"Give Them Wings" an interactive sculpture to be installed at the ArtWalk

Give Them Wings by artist Amie JacobsenThe City of Coral Springs is proud to announce its newest public art project, Give Them Wings by artist Amie Jacobsen,an artist and designer working in the Kansas City area. The sculpture is currently completed and will be installed at the ArtWalk in the near future.

The artwork is a 12 foot tall stainless steel sculpture representing butterfly wings featuring cast glass tiles infused with iridescent color. Florida is home to an estimated 200 species of butterflies. These colorful creatures are iconic symbols of growth and development.

The sculpture is interactive because the spectator can become part of the art by standing in the middle of the wings, becoming the “body” of the butterfly. While the form alone is interesting, when interacted with it creates a memorable photo opportunity to engage visitors.

The creative drive is innate to the human experience. Yet we don’t just create- we create with purpose.
Art is how we purposely enhance our lives,"
stated Jacobsen.

The artwork was originally set to be installed in March; however, due to COVID-19 the installation date has been post-poned.

Download Sketch Diagram

Give Them Wings by artist Amie Jacobsen: pictured butterfly sculpture in day with people around it on ArtWalk Give Them Wings by artist Amie Jacobsen Sculpture illustration of size Give Them Wings by artist Amie Jacobsen: Pictured Butterfly sculpture at night with lighs

Celestial by Ray King at City Hall

Located in the New Municipal Complex, Celestial an integrated artwork created by internationally known artist Ray King. Created out of highly polished, lightweight, stainless steel spheres suspended from the ceiling of the Complex, Celestial is inspired by the sun, air and water. The floating sculptures suggest reflective clouds, planets, silver jewelry and the hydrodynamic movement of bubbles rising through water. The spheres reflect light and create shadow patterns and mirror the surrounding space. The reflective surface of the sphere reflects the changing environment, including people as they pass through the space. Ray King is located out of Philadelphia. For more information on the artist and his work, please visit

Ascent by Jen Lewin at ArtWalk

Ascent_JenLewinAscent is the newest permanent artwork located on the NW 31st Ct. ArtWalk. Created by artist world renowned Jen Lewin, Ascent is a ten foot diameter artwork created out of stainless steel, LED lights, heat censors and dichroic, semi-reflective pads. At night, the artwork glows in full interactive LED colors. The users’ movement through the sculpture is transformed into glowing and swirling interactive light. During the day, Ascent softly reflects its environment as the dichroic surface appears to shift in color based on the viewer’s point of view, creating the appearance of a watery reflective mirage. Jen Lewin is based out of New York. For more information on her and her artwork, please visit


The Community Development Division develops, coordinates and manages the City's Art in Public Places Program. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Please visit our City Help Desk or call 954-344-1114. Or contact the Public Art Consultant, Laura Atria at or call 954-344-1162.