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Guidelines for Developers

Public Art: pictured Celestial by Ray KingAs stated in the Public Art Ordinance, All development, redevelopment, remodeling or converting greater than twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) square feet in gross floor area which are in non-residential districts, or in mixed use or multi-family districts on plots greater than one (1) acre as of the effective date of this section, shall participate in the public art program. When construction is phased, the aggregate gross square footage of the entire project or development shall be added together to determine whether the twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) square foot threshold is reached.

During the early site plan design phrase please contact the Public Art Consultant, Laura Atria, by email at or phone at 954-344-1162, to discuss the public art program. Owners have the choice of participating in the public art program as follows:

  1. Contribution to City’s Public Art Fund
  2. Artwork on the Development Site

If you purchase public art for your building (Option B), early site planning can improve the project and speed the approval process. Please visit the Public Art Fee Schedule to obtain information on the Public Art Impact fees.

Schedule for Decision Making

Step 1 - Preliminary Site Plan Review:
Notification of Fee Levels. Owner selects “On-Site Public Art” or “Contribution to the Public Art Program.” Please review standard modifications to DRC submission for artwork on property.

Step 2 - Contribution Schedule:
Art fees are collected at Time of Issuance of Building Permits.

Step 3 - On-Site Public Art Schedule:
Site Plan Submittal Satisfy all Public Art siting requirements.
(See page 7 of GUIDELINES for Siting Requirements)

If “Contribution to the Public Art Program” is selected, please go to Step 4.

If “On-Site Public Art” is selected, please go to Step 5.

Step 4 - Building Permit Issuance:
Deposit Art Dollars is Escrow with the City.

Step 5- Up to Six Months After Building Permit:
Secure approval of artist and artwork by Public Art Committee.

Step 6 - Up to Six Months After Issue of CO:
Install artwork, secure approval of artwork from Public Art Committee and submit final paperwork (See page 13 of GUIDELINES for Final Installation Information)

Step 7 - Escrow Funds Released:
Public Art Approval of Artwork and submittal of paperwork.