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  • Does the public art affect the certificate of occupancy?
  • How does artwork on private property get selected?
  • How much time does the owner have to propose and install artwork?
  • How much will the program cost the property owner?
  • If the owner wants artwork, where is the artwork located on the property?
  • Is the property owner required to have public art on his/her property?
  • What construction projects must pay the art fee or install artworks?
  • What if the property owner and the PAC cannot agree on an artwork?
  • What is public art?
  • What qualifies as public art?
  • What types of public art does the City prefer?
  • When does the property owner pay the fee?
  • Who is responsible for the maintenance of the artwork?
  • Who manages the public art program?
  • Who owns the artwork?
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