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Coral Springs Museum of Art

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The Museum is located at the intersection of Coral Springs Drive and NW 29th Street. 
Please Note: Asterisks ** denoted that the artworks were created through the Museum’s Artist in Residence program.

International Peace Garden at Coral Springs Museum of Art
In 2006 and 2007, the Coral Springs Museum of Art sponsored five new sculptures in the Peace Garden. One artist and one stone are from five of the earth’s continents. The artists carved the sculptures in Coral Springs.

Asia Yoshin Ogata Title: Mindscape
Artist: Yoshin Ogata from Japan,
Medium: Red travertine marble. 2007- AIR
 Untitled #41 Agop Title: Untitled #41
Artist: Armen Agop from Egypt,
Medium: Black granite from Zimbabwe. 2006- AIR.
Wing Nichel Title:Wing
Artist: Lothar Nickel from Germany,
Medium: Rosa Portugalo marble. 2006- AIR.
Caryatids Patterson Title: Caryatids
Artist: Roy Patterson from USA,
Medium: Granite from New England. 2006- AIR.
 Himalama Nickel Title: Himalama
Artist: Lothar Nickel ** from Langenschwarz, Germany,
Medium: Carrera marble. 2002- AIR.
Everglades Kolenda

Title: Everglades
Artist: Jan Kolenda & John Foster **,
Medium: Mural, ceramic relief tile wall. 2003- AIR.**Foster is a professor at Broward Community College and 
Kolenda is a teacher at the Museum.

Open Space Campau 

Title: Open Spaces
Artist: Pat Campau **
Medium: Mosaic tile. 2004- AIR.

Color Field Sculptures

Title: Color Field Sculptures
Artist: Shelley Parriott,
Medium: perforated aluminum and automotive paint. 2010- AIR.
This is a temporary installation.


Title: Striding
Artist: Lothar Nickel**, Medium: White carrera statuario marble. 2001- AIR.

Fingerprint #50: Unity

Title: Fingerprint #50: Unity
Artist: Barbara Watler,
Medium: Thread. 2005- AIR.

 Imagine Florida Kolenda

Title: Imagine Florida
Artist: Jan Kolenda,
Medium: ceramic. 2012- AIR.

 Dancing Boy Britto

Title: "Dancing Boy"
Artist: Romero Britto,
Medium: Aluminum and automotive paint. 2009.

 Mural for the Arts

Title: Mural for the Arts
Artist: Romero Brito,
Medium: Acrylic on canvas. 2009- AIR.

Peace Lily

Title: Peace Lily
Artist: Perez Celis**,
Medium: Aluminum, automotive paint and brazilite. 2007- AIR.

 Peace Gate

Title: Peace Gate
Artist: Peter King and Xinia Marin**,
Medium: Ceramic. 2008- AIR.

Previously Displayed Sculptures

Brave Bull Title:Brave Bull
Artist: Jesus Sanchez (suso)
Medium: Bronze.
 Fire Horse Title:Fire Horse
Artist: Jesus Sanchez (suso) (On-Loan)
Medium: Bronze.