Public Art Program Collection

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No tax dollars go toward purchasing public art in Coral Springs. All financing comes from a fee charged to developers who have projects larger than 12,500 square feet. Developers may contribute to the Public Art Fund or purchase an artwork to display on their property in accordance with Chapter 6 of the City’s Land Development Code.

Public Artworks in Coral Springs

One of the first acts of the original developers of Coral Springs in 1964, was to create the “Covered Bridge” as symbol of the “City in the Country”. Since then, various artists, volunteer groups, property owners and government agencies have commissioned public art in Coral Springs.

Since the inception of the Public Art Program in 2003, the City of Coral Springs Public Art Program began with the first “Sculpture on Sample” exhibition in the fall of 2005. Since then, the City currently has 23 artworks on permanent display in addition to 7 traffic boxes wrapped in vinyl artwork, 5 artworks that have been purchased through private entities as part of the program and 1 donated artwork.

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