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Water Bill Auto Pay Bank Draft

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How to Use Direct Debit
Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) to pay your City of Coral Spring Water Bill

Note: This is only for customers of the City of Coral Springs Water District, which runs from Wiles Road, south to the south side of Royal Palm Boulevard, north of Wiles Road from Riverside Drive east to 441.

The City of Coral Springs is pleased to offer you a new way to pay your monthly water utility bill that saves you both time and money.

Some of the benefits that this feature includes:

  • No need to stand in line to pay
  • No more writing checks
  • Save postage costs
  • Will not have to worry about late or missed payments if you’re busy or away from home
  • Simplify your bill payment

With the direct debit – Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) payment option, you can now pay your utility bill each month by automatic deduction from your checking or savings account. In addition, there will be NO additional cost for participating in this service.

The Process
Our goal at the City of Coral Springs is to make the signing up and maintaining of our AFT program as simple as possible.

  • You will still get a monthly bill. The City will send you your monthly bill as always showing the usual billing information, as well as the amount of the payment that will be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account on the due date that is printed on your bill.
  • You need only to remember to subtract the amounts of the water utility bill from your checkbook balance on the payment due date specified on the bill. The withdrawal from your bank account will appear on your next available bank statement.

Steps to Follow and Complete
To begin enjoying this convenience is as easy as 1-2-3! Please:

  1. Complete and sign the Enrollment Form. Get the Enrollment Form.
  2. Please note that the Enrollment Form can be used to change your bank account information and to discontinue the program.
  3. Attach a voided check (write the word VOID across the front of a blank check) corresponding to the checking account that you would like debited each month or a deposit slip if it’s a savings account (please include account number and ABA/Routing number on the deposit slip).
  4. Return the form and voided check (or deposit slip if it’s a savings account) to:
    City of Coral Springs
    Utility Billing Division
    9500 West Sample Road
    Coral Springs, FL 33065
    The form and voided check (deposit slip if it’s a savings account) can also be put into the night payment drop box located outside of City Hall at the above address.

NOTE: Please continue to pay your monthly bill as you normally would until you see the following words printed on your bill:

“Your bank account will be drafted for: ”

This could take up to two billing cycles after you enroll.

Other Important Information

If your account has insufficient funds on the withdrawal date, your bank will return the automatic payment. Just like having a check returned for insufficient funds, the City will charge you a service fee and your bank may charge you a service fee as well. Nonpayment may result in your service being disconnected.

Should you have any questions related to enrolling in the City’s new Direct Debit/Automatic Funds Transfer (AFT) program, please call (954)-344-1825.

In addition, please note that once you sign up with the Direct Debit/Automatic Funds Transfer program and a bill is processed by the City, you cannot make any changes to the bill for that particular period. ALL adjustments, if approved, will not be seen until the next bill is printed. For example, let’s say you note a problem on an invoice that is processed on June 5, 2017 for the period of May 2 to June 2. If approved, we will credit your account for that amount and the credit amount will show up on your next invoice.

In order to make any changes (change of bank or account numbers) or to discontinue service, please click here and complete the Enrollment Form and mail it back to the City. The City will need 20 business days notice to make any changes to your account.