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John Ruffin

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Black History Month Spotlight

Brief Biography:

John Ruffin was raised in the south during times of racial tension. Ruffin, the son of educators, knew the difficulties in obtaining management positions in white establishments. He attended Morgan State University during the civil rights movement, which molded his commitment to equality. He later earned a masters in marketing from Cornell University.

In the 80's, Ruffin relocated to South Florida as the corporate Vice President of the Food Fair/Pantry Pride grocery chain. In 1986, Ruffin and partners bought the radio station, WRBD (1470 AM), in part to empower the black community. Recently, John Ruffin raised over $1million for the United Negro College Fund.

For over 30 years, the business leader and community advocate has worked to diversify the workforce in South Florida, and to provide a path of success for the next generation of minority business leaders.