Diversity-based Training Programs in Schools

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The Coral Springs Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee takes great pride in hosting diversity-training programs for students at different levels – UniKids, for elementary school students, UniTeens, for middle school students, and UniTown for high school students. These programs have affectionately been called our “Uni” series and are an integral part of the Committee’s commitment to educating our youth about our differences and similarities, while providing enlightenment about issues like racism, sexism, ageism, and discrimination, and emphasizing values of citizenship, friendship, and social harmony.

All our diversity/sensitivity training programs are run by professional facilitators. UniKids and UniTeens are offered at no charge to the school or the students. However, there is a nominal fee for the UniTown program, which covers meals and materials. With help from sponsors, we hope to remove any financial barriers.


The purpose of the UniKids program is to teach the value of diversity in a fun and interactive way. It is never too early to develop an appreciation and respect for the various cultures that abound in our community. Fourth and fifth graders from our public and private schools gather for half a day to learn how to better understand people who look, speak or celebrate in ways different than their own. They also learn to stand up against prejudice and bullying.


Seventh and eighth graders dive a little deeper into combating prejudice, bullying, respect toward people with disabilities, and so many other aspects of their everyday lives. The UniTeens program is designed to instill the values of diversity and mutual appreciation/respect in a fun and interactive way.


This life-changing leadership and diversity program is designed for high school students who live in Coral Springs. While UniKids and UniTeens are single day programs, UniTown is a weekend retreat that emphasizes leadership, diversity, and citizenship. All the programs encourage students to develop an action plan for future leadership development in their schools and communities.

Students benefit from the leadership, diversity and citizenship values instilled in them by the program. Our goal is one of bringing together a group of diverse students from many racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Under the guidance of skilled facilitators, these students will graduate from the program with a better understanding of each other, an appreciation for other cultures/religions and a good start to prepare them for leadership roles in their schools and community. More importantly, they will be well grounded as they leave the security of their high schools and embark on their college years.

In 2009, the Committee, in cooperation with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), hosted a new diversity-training program targeted to pre-school teachers and childcare providers with an overall goal to teach respect and acceptance of our differences before the seeds of hate begin to take root. This program not only enhanced our long-term training and education commitment, but it was a valuable addition to our diversity priority. The Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee sincerely believes that the sooner the message is implanted in our children, the more likely we are to grow a more open minded and accepting generation.

Diversity Training for City Employees